Css for your website upgrade version

I was wondering what is scss then i just find out new version of upgrade version of css which is the css3 ,scss The most commonly used syntax is known as “SCSS” (for “Sassy CSS”), and is a superset of CSS3’s syntax. This means that every valid CSS3 stylesheet is valid SCSS as well.  

Website link :https://sass-lang.com/

Below is the sample of the scss coding using sass-lang

/// Computes an exponent.


/// @param {number} $base

///   The number to multiply by itself.

/// @param {integer (unitless)} $exponent

///   The number of `$base`s to multiply together.

/// @return {number} `$base` to the power of `$exponent`.

@function pow($base, $exponent) {

 $result: 1;

 @for $_ from 1 through $exponent {

   $result: $result * $base;


 @return $result;


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