Cyber massive attackes in the internet

China are attacking important information from the US military intelligence .
The war started in the cyber attacks giving pressure in both countries.  Smart hunter hackers can  shut down your server and steal critical information with in a seconds that will shift to power of control and authority . Advance research and technology are stolen every year and corporate companies are investing millions of dollars for security.

When the information are stolen by unauthorized hackers our global security are at risk with the sudden shift of power and dominiums.

War cannot be seen in our naked eyes but war already existed in cyber world.  Blue chips web-hosting companies are experiencing everyday.  One day every human being will have their own ip address so we can know who are the identity of the hackers.  The time will come when all human beings have their own ip address so we can recognized the good users and the number of hackers living in our planet. Hackers are decentralized the era peace in the global civilization.

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