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Daily improvement on your website

Focus on your  website development means daily continues improvement. It is easy to develop a website but the question is the website continuously innovated. Most of the site stop improving due to luck of focus and goals.

For example if your website is all about adding fresh tutorials blogs then do it daily to let the readers knows that your website is always actively alive.

Dead website are freezing up the information level to mutation called dead content. Dead website are  always low ranking  in the search engine query. The fact is the more you feed more fresh information to your site the higher your ranking in google.

If your contents are are originally written. One of the secret is to have a dedicated ip to your website to let the google know the exact address of all original content that you have written.

Google has the  highest artificial intelligence in search able to recognizing trillions of contents posted online. One rules to follow in search engine optimization never copy and paste a content. 

If you copy and paste make sure you make some editorial task to renovation the contents more better this are the secret of copy writer editorials.

One of the reason is not enough funding  for the article writers.

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