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Dollar collapse servers collapse data at risk

Dollar collapse servers  collapse our data at risk . Most of the corporate web hosting providers are from United States facing a great economic catastrophic issues to dollar meltdown. The United States are facing in massive economic crisis due to abuse of power of authority to borrow money from different countries.

With rumor of wars United States are facing massive attacks coming from China , Iran , North Korea and several countries. If the magnetic force  extermination hit & attacks the servers our data are on high risk or on red flag.

One of the solution is to spread out your data in peaceful location this are the top 10 list countries i find on this research

10) Switzerland – GPI score: 1.349. Though Switzerland received the lowest score for political instability, they received a 10th place finish is due to mandatory military service and the amount of weapons they export (relative to their size).
9) Finland – GPI score: 1.348. Finland has consistently made the top ten of the GPI since (at least) 2007, and fell from 7th place due to other countries becoming more peaceful rather than anything they did to change their ranking.
8) Slovenia – GPI score: 1.330. Slovenia has the distinction of being the most peaceful of the 29 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
7) Ireland – GPI score: 1.328. Ireland is re-entering the top ten after falling out of it in the GPI 2011 index. They were able to reclaim a place at the top of the list “by reducing [their] military expenditure to just 1.2% of its gross domestic product and by increasing its political stability, which has far-reaching effects on internal peace.”
6) Austria – GPI score: 1.328. Austria is the third most peaceful of the European nations on the list, due to their low crime and homicide rates.
5) Japan – GPI score: 1.326. Japan is second only to New Zealand of the 25 nations in the Asia Pacific region.
4) Canada – GPI score: 1.317. Canada has consistently made the top ten with exceptions being 2008 and 2010, when the number of military casualties in Afghanistan increased.
2) New Zealand – GPI score: 1.239. New Zealand has made the top five since 2007.
2) Denmark – GPI score: 1.239. Due to decreased military spending Denmark have moved up two spots to be tied for second place.
1) Iceland


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