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Dot chips in hacking

China are manufacturing various technologies at a affordable price to the world. If a tiny dot chips  are embed secretly to the devices with a program to control ,  truck and access any embedded devices such as mobile , gadgets ,laptop , netbook ,  telecom  , security server , backup server  , warehouse server , data center server and special hard core hosting server then your security system are on red flag attack. Any time if the smart hackers are interested the gold data then they can steal sensitive data or confidential entry code because tiny dot chips  are embed secretly to the devices  to truck down  to your confidential data center or information gold assets. This is called spoon and scoop all the gold information assets.

What is nanodots chips ?

The nanodots are made from defect-free metal oxide crystals that can be made — as small as six nanometres in diameter — and placed uniformly along a chip to allow the data to be reliably read.

China is the rising nation in smart hacking. It has already infiltrate in US military secret weapons and stole amount of military information. This a treats to the global peace of the world. China and US are at war in cyber world but are keep secret to the public media since it will give panic and devastation to the global economic . This 2 countries are the biggest economy  & military. China is the rising power while US has to maintain the throne of power.

This is basic example of encryption

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