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Drupal community will reach 31,000 members

The drupal community will reach to the maximum member for 31,000 as christmas is fast approaching. The community is getting strong and stronger every years as the global channel of networks are contributing the most powerful opensources in the planet called the drupal.

I remember before year 2009 the community was only 12,000 now it has increase the level of 31,000 the existance of drupal is so complex , scalable and supported with international organization such as google , twitter and other blue chips corporate company.
Drupal existance will increase in numbers as members are plugin with the drupal organization the .org

Also drupal expansion platform has a powerful website builders for web-designers and web-developers to fully customized the webapps without nothing to worry about the latest updated and trends this is the called the revolutionized It is a powerful website builder with alot of functionality than other website builder.

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