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Drupal gardens embedded videos

Drupal Gardens embed more videos if it passes the standard qualifications for gardens adoptions. Thousands of embedded tools has not yet been discovered but we know that drupalgardens has the best development tools. For developers and webdesigners to get things faster with high optimized performances. Rather than wasting your time analysis our own needs in customizing your server platform.  Your objective is to focus on development and give best services to your clients.

Youtube leader in creativity , innovation and unlimited upload in video sharing with free access at a start of 10mins but if you have a good reputation then you will be promoted into 15mins. The more you upload more videos following the terms and condition you can even upload for 1hour or more.

YouTube – No. #1 in video sharing because it is free easy & best qualities in all of your video media.
Vimeo – Clean and clear HD for your long media sharing.
BlipTV – Great with episode TV for your media.
Dailymotion – Sharing video made easy ways.
Break – Youtube innovated tools in videos.


Soundcloud – creative podcast and music creativity.



Others Extensions





Creative Cow





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