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Facebook on digital marketing campaign

Facebook on digital marketing campaign
Watch in the facebook movie give you a blink of a idea that every opportunity has a potential in the global social world. Most of the site are following the concept of facebook but luck of originality what are they are offering to the people.
If i follow macdonalds then i will never become mcdonalds but only the second best. To be the best one must build his own originality. Otherwise you are just a follower to the trends. When we watch facebook at the frontend it is easy to design but the question is do yo really know the root backend of the facebook. It his highly maintained with thousands of community.
If you are joining the facebook club you are apart of the people maintaining the site and endoring to your friends thru invitation saying it is free and easy. But how to they make business on this website. All the information in the website both private and public are already been sold to the secret digital marketing campaign to know the analytical movement of each geographical culture from different sex race. This gives them analogy to know the buying movement of each people interest.

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