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Finish the website.

Finish the website what you have started. Most of the website that are not fully develop are not finish due to luck of plan and vision. Without website vision your website perish. Be clear and specific.

Write a do list for your action planner daily , weekly , monthly and yearly .

If your scope of your site is to big to develop you won’t finish earlier specially if you don’t have a  group of team working for you. Some task are very easy but very time consuming which can be delegated and manage. Example of easy task are data entry , editing, banner innovation and etc.

Organized a bigger group if the development is big size so you can create a daily movement on your list of goals faster and better. Working alone is time consuming.

If the website is to small to develop then you can finish faster but if luck of daily update then your page ranking in search engine also decline.


Without website vision your website perish

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