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Fraud protection PCI level security

Fraud in the online payment are increasing rapidly. How do we protect our self ? Make sure that when you pay online the payment gateway is PCI level1 security. This give you higher protection since the system hardware and software the company is in the highest security.
Companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB adopt the security advance level in  PCI compliance to protect the all customer and merchants.
2checkout  is one of the top has the highest level encrypt millions of credit card accounts online with redundant data centers store.
Paypal pro optimized your security level into PCI compliance by hosting it in paypal company this cost $30 per month if you are using the pro level

This are the list of companies PCI level 1 certified:

4 levels entry base on volume
Level 4 :  If a business electronically stores credit card holder information or if its processing systems have internet connectivity, it must;

Level 3  : 320,000 to 1 million:

Level 2: 1 to 6 million

Level 1: 6 Million plus


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