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Free viber desktop

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Viber has exploded to the mass media and to the rest of world where communication is free anywhere at anytime. The new viber desktop leverage your personal , professional and business powerful communication. Viber is free call , free photo share , free txt  & free live video streaming . Everybody can enjoy for free! FREE DOWNLOAD

See the video to know more about the viber installation and how to use your windows computer OS.


Advantages of using Viber:
-Best-quality HD voice calls
-Video calls
-Free text and photo messages
-Group conversations
-No registration, passwords or invitations required
-Contacts and messages sync between your mobile and Windows
-Transfer ongoing calls between devices


Other Voip Devices

Other useful devices where you can leverage fast and with no traffic streaming voip devices is phoneunlimitedcall where everything can be done at one moment – PC desktop , Laptop , Mobile , Tablet and etc.


Start now and call to everyone in the planet!

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