Get nodesquirell for your drupal backup

network attached storage (NAS)

Getting Started with NodeSquirrel from Node Squirrel on Vimeo.
Make a hobby to test your drupal backup before you start developing the website. The key is first thing is first.  Or you can get the best webhosting provider the a2hosting. 

Automatic backup module using 3rd party services provider. Take node 20backups is FREE account. Go more then need to buy pro account.  If manual backup in our website or you can also use localhost for private security.


Which works for you ? Manual or automatic ?

What’s Next?

  1. Make sure that Backup and Migrate (version 2.7 or better) is installed on your site.
  2. Enter your secret key:
    1. Go to the Backup and Migrate page on your site.
    2. Click on “NodeSquirrel” and enter the secret key into the box
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