Global Elite plan to crash the global market in 2020 Global Elite plan to crash the global market in 2020
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Global Elite plan to crash the global market in 2020

The global elite plan to havoc the global financial market so the integration into cashless world will be the starting point to accept  – one world order , one world currency and one world government. It sound fairy tale ! But we are heading into that era of new cashless world.  It has been the dream of the rich to control the entire world. The pride of the rich is to plunder and get more and more resources because of greed and without any satisfaction. 

In the history we have seen this the tower of babel creating tallest tower so it can reach heaven. Today generation the financial market are heading into down spiral turning into negative currency due to the powerful corona virus. The solution is to stabilized the global financial market is to convert into cashless. It will be called the global reset into a new era of currency.

So when will this happened ? Will it happened after the corona virus gone ? We are experiencing a total havoc news are getting worst and worst because of the epidemic. The global elite buys all the cheapest stock market globally and controls the global market once the stock market are stabilized then they convert the payment into chips integration or cashless which allow them to push all the people to embrace and accept the digital currency planted into the body at the right or left hand. 

The transition of this is to give points or discount using the QR code. QR code will soon the planted in the human body which is easy and comfortable to all the human. At the same time the global elite knows all the buying mode of each person which is more easy for them to sell more to each individual person. 

The global elite are powerful and controls the entire operating system in the world. 

The coronavirus is the perfect weapon pushing people to get access on the RFID this give them protection from any virus and disease planted in the physical money that are all tangible into virus spread out.

Coronavirus can be spread through contaminated objects as well as droplets and direct contact with infected patients, the WHO said.

The code name of Global Elite is “Satan is king” human are on decay as the technology is moving into robots artificial intelligence. A time is coming that we humans are slowly vanishing because of the evil people who wants to seek , kill and destroy all human billions of people will die because we are all deceived to have peace yet sudden destruction destroy us.

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What is contactless technology?Contactless payment is a secure method for consumers to purchase products or services using a debit, credit, or smartcard—also known as a chip card—by using RFID technology or near-field communication (NFC).

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