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Google Checkout change into Google Wallet

Google the king and dominant platform in global services  has change the ecommerces name  google checkout into google wallet. The transition to the system will take gradually specially to the  end users. Learning the tools and educating to the loyal customers . Google wallet give best benefits for the people to buy and sell online fast and easy.

Google Checkout will be retired and change the platform into Google Wallet — a new revolutionized platform that enables merchants to meet higher demands to the masses enable to adopt multiple screen world  from mobile , tablet , ipad , desktop , notepad and all different computer website screen.

Example of payment gateway is the 2checkout a powerful tools in business ecommerces and has attracted thousands and millions of customer . Google checkout in other hand has to change the old platform into new name called google wallet creating a powerful brand name rather than imitating other  3rd party ecommerces platform name like 2checkout. The revolutionized  innovated platform called the  google wallet can send money easily using the known as the google mail. This had more cutting edge compare to the old version.

Google checkout didn’t have great success to the masses but only for the technical developers , the best way is to change and revolutionized the payment gateways into google wallet  so everybody will have benefits win to win solution for the people and google company.


ATTENTION: On November 20, 2013, Google Checkout will no longer be supported. Sellers of digital goods on Google (Google Play, Chrome Web Store, Offers Marketplace and Google Wallet for digital goods) will automatically transition to Google Wallet and will not be impacted. Learn more



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