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How do you make money in website blogs ?

How do you  make $24000 per month  in the website ? Do i need an intelligences to write more blogs and get more taffic on my website and get leads? The more a writter continue to write the better changes of readers who will read your ideas and thoughts. I realized that great thinker always write the ideas because it cannot be look back.

More family are facing financial disaster because luck of financial and web intelligences. How can i increase my numbers of customer to serve? It is hard watching the side of poverty. Nobody wants to work with your team or business without money. It is hard saying to your  kids dad has no money , i cannot buy your needs. I am sorry.


The value of our services

The value of our services is equal to the amount of money we serve.  In business the more you delegate the write person better your level of freedom and success. The major goal to earn your gold numbers is to serve more what your clients have paid.

For example if you are in sales you need to be aggressive and smart on what you are selling. Know all the details and educate your customer rather than selling this give no friction. If the head of the family doesn’t make enough money the family will go to poverty and collapse. I have seen fallen families due to insufficient funds.

Family with insufficient funds must invest little in website. We call it low investment but high return value. I also understand that the more website you create and grow with assets the more they want to buy with you.  Website is free information yet if they want more they had to buy the professional accounts.

Building a blog website

Building a blog website with more traffic because of free information leads you to  traffic visitors. The more traffic your website the better changes of winning. That is why we seen ads at the left or head banner. Most traffic website give them access to rent space so they can make more passive income. When passive income starts to come it then it is your obligation to expand your work power by hiring people at affordable daily price. Keep them business and pay them with reward.  First i need to learn how to smart people who could work for me.


Get the right team members

Team players in the website backend and frontend is very important so your website is constantly changing of adaption. Scipts code changes from time to time because of bugs and better performances. To get best team you also need to know the strength and weakness of your member. Always remember people has strength to prove them self.


Be a giver

Give to the people what they need. For example contribute free accounts to the global world without a fee. They make money on heavy traffic advertisement. Another website is the they give relevant news and headline the global people.   Another great example is the google map you can travel any location in the website using the google map search.


Questions you need to answer to your self ?

  1. What can i contribute to the world ?
  2. What can i do in small little things?
  3. What is my talent and skills that anyone will be benefits?



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