How do you speed up your content writing website How do you speed up your content writing website ?

How do you speed up your content writing website ?


Getting the right audience and target the right traffic giving you amazing results in closing more sales.

What the secret on getting the results you wanted in your website traffic ?

This requires times and effort if you are not expert on this field. This require concentration and more practice to sharpen the skills. The more time and effort you get the faster you can improve. With the power of focus , patience , and consistency you get the right results in your content writing with search engine optimization included.

Copy and paste the content is fast and easy the problem is the google intelligence police will find you  giving you a demotion to block your website.

So how can speed up ? Do i need to type fast in the keyboard to get the fast result.

The answer is YES.

You need to have a relationship with your keyboard settings so your hands are easily familiar where you hits the right letters. You also need to get the right construction and algorithm of the google language mathematical equation this means  learn to understand google language of reading your content such as using the h1 , h2 , h3, h4 , h5, h6 , bold , italic and many more. Read more books in search engine optimization and apply best works for you.

You can copy the content but you need to change the puzzle of the algorithm language so the google cannot find you. Just like refurbish your car into new innovation version. For software we have plenty of version example version 1.A you can change and upgrade to a better version  – version 5A which give you more advance and interesting contents that the readers wants to read. When you copy see all the angles that you can gobeyond to make it more interesting and advance.