Motorbike, Rouser 180cc

How to clean your air cleaner element rouser 180cc.

6 Sets to clean your air cleaner in baja kawasaki rouser 180cc. Cleaning your air cleaner element.

1.) Remove the screw at the left side of your motorbike.

2.) Removed the air filter. Be carefully when placing the air cleaner back on the motorcycle. Make sure it is secure and fast enough.

2.) Put all the screw ,  air filter in a paper to keep away from dust or dirt.

3.) Prepare a 2 bowl put kerosin in a first bowl and second bowl is new motorbike oil.

4.) Squezz the air filter in the kerosin 3 times.

5.) Then put the air filter in the new motorbike oil then squezz 2 times.

6.) Put back the air filter in the motorbike then tighten the screw.


The air filter on your bike handles the massive responsibility of preventing sand, dirt and foreign materials from entering your rouser 180cc bike engine. bikes performance will be affected by the lack of air flow through the mud-caked breathing holes in the filter. There is nothing exciting about cleaning the air filter, but if you neglect to do it on a regular basis you can cause some real damage to the piston and barrel and also block up the carby.



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