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how to clear my browser cache using cmd ?

I have a problem with my browser i thought my pc has a virus or malware because of the browser doesn’t function well both my desktop and laptop. So i seek advice to my system administrator. This was his smart advice from me. I watch and learn other method. Most forums and other tutorials only give same method. I find other methods. I want to share it to my readers and visitors.

how to clear browser cache using cmd

1.) Go to your internet access icon at the bottom left side.

2.)Left click then then click open network
3.) Go to Change adaptor settings
4.)Left click go to properties.
5.) Find the check box (internet protocal ip4 ). Then click properties.
6.) Change the proxy at the bottom name:
prefered DNS :
Alternate DNS:

7.) To the cmd or command prompt directory
8.) Type ipconfig/flushdns
9.) Repeat 3 to 5 times.
10.) Done! Cache DNS are all cleared.


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