How to earn extra 100,000 peso in Cebu Philippines How to earn extra income 100,000 peso in Cebu Philippines ?
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How to earn extra income 100,000 peso in Cebu Philippines ?

Most people wants to earn good income but only few received the reward because nothing is shortcut when it comes to earning. Easy money easy go. Hard earn income is difficult to spend because money is time.

Things you need to know how to earn extra income 100,000 peso every month this is 1.2M with in one year. You will be settings goals hourly , daily, weekly , monthly and yearly. This really requires discipline of your time management and focus.

1.)Learn the habit of writing daily in your website write blogs and get traffic in your website. This requires time to write. If you copy and paste other website the google will block your website. You can copy but you need to change the structure of the sentence or editorial writing.  Get SEO books and read more and practice daily.

2.)Your website must we a walking dictionary from A to Z. This means very rich in contents and good quality pictures. When your website is full of content that are importants you get traffic and more links to other website. Then you can add banner or affiliates to your website.

3.) Learn the art of podcast. Your website must have a podcast to get leads from the visitors who prefer to listen rather than just reading your website content. Plenty of resources where you can develop your voice. Invest in small voice recorder then upload your MP3 audio. Continue to practice again and again until you get comments and more visitors.

4.)Continue to upgrade your skills in writing, web development , graphics design , digital marketing , customer support , sales and marketing , podcast , coding and several stuff that know you have the edge than others.

5.)Start selling real estate in Philippines be a salesman in digital world this is called digital marketing. Add important informations and data entry all your listings that you are credited. Partner with license real estate broker.

Commission start with 3% in every sales. Ask your broker for incentive and details and guideline.

6.) Start with prayer in your life and end with prayer. Up and down in life need consistent in what you do ask the Lord to bless your mighty works. Balance your time with work and family.