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Human IP address


Human IP address are the way for the future trends in One World Order  also known as control , organized &  security.  Everybody will be implanted with dot chips identity in their body known as human IP address. The internet today are disorganized with billions of users around the world.  Abuses are common and millions of credit cards are stolen every year.  With the use of human IP address hackers or anonymous are identify with proof to penalized or hunt down all the abusive internet users.


Example of Human address:

– We have the traditional home address.

– First invention of phone to contact anyone in the home or offices.

– Communication channel using  mobile phone to contact a person at any time.

– The use of email address where you can send a messages in a few seconds.

–  VOIP calls where you can call anyone around the world. Basic example are skype & facebook.

– Computer IP address.

– Embedding the technology to human.  Famous example was the IRON MAN we saw in the movies.

Future generation are the birth of human ip address embedding technology to human cells around the world. Human will have a unique address for security and peace in the world. This will be use as the international standard law. The implementation will go gradually since not all countries will accept this law.


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