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Human Resources are useful in finding your talents

I try to explore this week if I want to change a course moving in the corporate ladder. The problem is my heart is not ready to submit all my  talents , time and ideas. Most of all I will be fired when I will get old or even stay longer in the cooperate company  then wait for my pension after retirement and sustain my  life. The fact is corporate has the leverage to get all smart people to work for them making them even more powerful.


How to get the best employee ? 

Solution: To hire a smart HR or human resources .  The job task of the HR is to get hundreds and thousands of work forces. The task of the HR is to advertise we are hiring more applicants but the hidden agenda  is to hire slowly and get the best of the best employee. Of Course! If they want to hire more also they want to fire liability employee. This liability employee only contribute little but get more salaries on their mouth.

The solution for the corporate to stay on the top level is leverage smart people work for them. Pattern and sequences are important to know each corporate company secret formula. Not all corporate company grow because lack of leadership and human skills. I also watch corporate company that never grow same as in the website that advertise buy in our store online but the marketing campaign very poor. This are called false brand services. Without changes of innovation and updates everything is moving down because of rapid business world.

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