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Invest your money with dynamic web-applications. Many people think if they have a website they can easily generate money fast and easy. It is not true it require time and effort  before you can generate passive income. People visit your website if their is relevant information that give them benefits to them.  Choose dynamic web apps known  as Content Management Systems or CMS . A dynamic website that gives access to the multiple  users to maintain your websites at a different level categories.  Example of great application most people are viewing everyday are YAHOO , CNN , WEATHER and several commercialized CMS applications. When you run your website with CMS  web apps you will increase your visibility and more traffic on your website because your website are dynamic maintained by pro editors , writers , marketing , seo , webmasters & webdevelopers .

Dynamic website are active and  highly maintained.  Content are updated anytime from different user rights.  Security & backups are scheduled daily , weekly and monthly.  Example of top 3 platform that are constantly compared are drupal , wordpress and joomla because they are the master general in CMS platform.

Static website are cheap and boring without any functionality. This website are known as dead information based from survey. Google doesn’t give any good seo ( search engine optimized )  ranking for dead website because google updates the information everyday.

Below are the recent update statistic on websites survey.

Updated April 2013. It is impossible to be get the real percentage  but UK research company Netcraft have released their latest April 2013 survey of web servers and concluded there are about 649 million websites in the world today – a decrease of 27 million (4%) in the last year.

Active sites is only 187 million,

Inactive sites  are 462 million .

The world wide web (www)  in the world are not actually  being used  71% sites.

Commercialized website are using the Content Management Systems  Web – Applications


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