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Japan Shinzo Abe visit in davao home town of Philippine president

The president in Japan visit in the Philippines in a relaxing atmosphere and friendly way. The previews president in Philippines who has this kind of character was President Magsaysay. Now history repeats again in the home land of President Dueteret. The president in Japan  Shinzo Abe promised to be the Philippines’ strategic  asian partner in nation to build the expansion of business trade and investment.  The historical even in Japan was it was a home of the Japanese immigrants in the Philippines about 20,000  Japanese or more during the world war 2 in Philippines. Davao was among the first cities in the Philippines to be occupied by Japanese troops in 1942.

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe inside the simple home of Pres. Duterte . We also showed him how he enjoys the comfort of his own bed, including his favorite mosquito net.
The President Duterete wanted  friendly way in tagalog language. ” yung hindi masyado ang ano – ‘yung pormal at hindi masyado ‘yung mga protocols so that they would also feel relaxing and friendly partnership this is called  a brother hood ways ,”

The Philippine and Japan relationship is moving closer and brotherhood way as president Shinzo Abe visit in Davao.




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