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Liability Website

Liability website is poorly development website that drains your time , money and resources without a return of investments. This happened when the  webmaster ,  web-designers and developers ask high pay fee on their skills but the website development doesn’t create a income online.

One example if the total development of the website cost $500 if the clients cannot double the return of investment it is called liability. The responsibility of the webmaster ,  web-designers and developers is to create a website intelligences so it can create an assets. Basic example of assets is putting money on your paypal account.

Plenty of webmaster ,  web-designers and developers that are interested on their self. If clients are just putting money on the table without a return of investment is it called poor website development. This happened if the development of website intelligences didn’t mutate into changes. You may have a good design if it doesn’t create a cashflow on the website it is a liability. I also seen a website with poor in design but generate income or more traffic. Which one has a good website intelligence ? Of course! A website that create a constant cashflow that put money on your pocket.


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