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Maintain your domain name for your website

Choosing the best domain name for your website needs time to know if you can maintain the website to build a legacy and benefits to visitors who are reading your website. If buy plenty of domain name it is difficult to manage and create an informational assets because you will be needing people to constantly maintain your website. If the site doesn’t update daily you will loose loyal visitors. If the business doesn’t operate 24/7 then you will loose the percentage of the traffic. Take for example the Mc-donald business they operate none-stop because they server people with good quality good with better price and most of all the operate fast track of time.

In internet business you will be needing people who will be working in your backend support in your website this will grow faster if you have a team collaboration. It you build a 10 storey building you will be needing people to work the project. One or Three peopel will be time consuming to create the building but if you work as 20 people then the project will finish faster.

If you have plenty of domain name that you cannot manage then you can sell your domain or give up the domain name. If you preserve the domain name make sure it is an asset otherwise you are wasting your money paying yearly without income coming.