Making active and passive income in your computer laptop Making active and passive income in your computer laptop
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Making active and passive income in your computer laptop

I was researching the guideline on how to be financially free and lived a life without worries. Below are the guideline that you need to find by your self which really works for you because not all digital website works for you. Sometimes it is easy for you to create and innovate others find it hard on leveraging the website. Take time to understand and spend more time to learn the method that really works for you best.  Example in the Philippines doesn’t work best because of geographical location of the country. Spend time learning and be persistence in your daily learning nothing is short cut.

  • Active income in your work
  • Add details with best profile
  • Select job you are very good at example webdevelopment , content writing , digital marketing

  • Get passive income as time goes by and channel increase
  • Need 4000 watch hours
  • Need minimum of 1000 subscibers.
  • Paid sponser need 10,000 viewers.

  •    ( active income )

Write a book on your self or hire someone to write then publish on your own.

Get more research and understand the secret in making money as self publisher.

If you want more details then you need to pay a course or find a hack tutorials to get you started.

  • Sign-up Amazon Associate Program . The commission is 5% to 7 % commission. Will give you commission with in 60 days. Then you can choose to redeem your work by getting amazon gift card or wire transfer. Or send you checks or using amazon website and start buying on it.

  -Selling digital books online. Get commission 5% to 75%

-Buying digital assets website , ecommerce and auction online . You can start making money here.

– Start selling your website and apps online and received money.

  • Buy and sell digital media. Example : Vidoe , pictures , audio
  • Created buy freelance different planet globally.
  • You get paid commission a few cents or a dollar.
  • Only upload high quality images or professional works only.

  • For pet lover only available in United States and Cananda.
  • Baby sitting a pet and earn your daily , weekly and monthly income.

  • You can teach people and start making money. Find your expertist and skills where you know you are good at and you can start the job by teaching.

  • Digital website where you can outsource anything.

 -Dropshipping ecommerce website online where you don’t own anything yet get commission in every sales.  Then intergrate into Their is thousand , millions of money in dropshipping once you master the course. Sometimes it is also confusing the and due the the spelling and pronunciation. 


If you have any comments and other tools which you think are useful please send as a note so we can add on our website.