Making website in one month is easy Making website in one month is easy

Making website in one month is easy

Making website in one month is easy-headstartcms-com

Making website is easy you just buy a domain name then choose  a2hosting to get best performance and flexible scale on web hosting then you just install open source application like wordpress and drupal. Then you choose a template design to customized then the web development start getting the right design and the good structure of the web development choosing a module or widget that is best needed on the business application. Test then find bugs on the website.

The challenging part is getting the long term cycle of the website this will include the content writing guided by the search engine optimization to get the first page and also the traffic of the website. Sometimes you are in the first page but no reaction of the customer then you begin to tune up the content and find better ways to interact the reading or the visitor.

When you do the job all without a team-work you feel exhausted because some task are just routine that you need to do.

This requires patient and persistence in your daily challenges in getting the website done to find a client and get them into action to the product or services you want them to buy from you.

The google business map is also significant in growing your website high traffic of your website.

Without google business map your client cannot feel your present in the physical world. Getting them in contact needs daily update of the content in posting content images , video in the business map.

The greater challenge is the long term how to get massive content to get massive traffic then convert them into audience or loyal customer that keeps visiting in your website in daily life. Finding the right ingredients that will really work on the website.