Mayweather wants 100 million dollar megafight with McGregor Mayweather wants 100 million dollar megafight with McGregor

Mayweather wants 100 million dollar megafight with McGregor

Mayweather plays a smart move making him rich and top list in  highly paid in  sports. The Mayweather mouth talks a lot of passive things about him self in the other side he is a trash talker making the social media excited that he will be beaten by McGregor this year.  Things could happened when it happened Mayweather will be defeated this year if the time has come that he will be knock down but it is only assumption.

Mayweather is selling him self as a perfect record in boxing history with a boosting the undefeated champion of 49-0. If you want to make business with Mayweather give him a reward of 100M dollars. Then the show must go on. This is high tactic of selling master in sports.

Of course , we all know how he fight. He fight against the flow of boxing hiding him self with his shoulder defense. As long as the social media get hot tempered and read more and more about him the scale of demands gets excited. With the people want him to be beaten down the reward you give the Mayweather his high payment scale once the negotiation contract is close.

Give him a reward of 100M dollars then the show of boxing will be interesting. The real fact is Mayweather trash talk is more interesting to see than he is in the ring. For the hot tempered person you want to hit Mayweather hard and strong. But Mayweather already master his skills and craft defense and run , punch and go. He knows the rule. Plays the role but he is against the rule. Keeping him advantage in sports.

He is in the aging process and his body is not highly on shame but only the experience and wisdom. We expect nothing for Mayweather unless you give him a 100% guarantee of 100M dollar on the packet. As for know he is on top boosting himself with 49-0 record. Best performance in boxing and highly paid in sports.

McGregor already got his licence to box back in December. Expected to have the boxing fight this year 2017 with Mayweather if the contract are agreed in both sides.The art of selling boxing is called Mayweather in business promotional campaign. Get excited this year if it happened.

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