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Modules for your gallery box in drupal

Modules needed for your gallery box for your drupal website. All module must be installed to work properly. This enhance you to use your mouse when you make changes in your gallary box. It is will work properly if the version are not compatible. If need help in your installation kindly send us a note in twitter.com/headstartcms or fb.com/headstartapps

Vesion as for now July 29 , 2015

Version Download Date Links
7.x-1.0-beta8 tar.gz (297.8 KB) | zip (305.1 KB) 2012-Jul-06 Notes

Development releases

Version Download Date Links
7.x-2.x-dev tar.gz (301.29 KB) | zip (307.41 KB) 2014-Nov-23 Notes
7.x-1.x-dev tar.gz (300.37 KB) | zip (306.38 KB) 2014-Nov-23 Notes



  1. Media (Media Gallery 2.x-dev requires Media 2.x-dev)
  2. Multiform
  3. ColorBox jQuery plugin (unpack it in sites/all/libraries)
  4. For multiple upload: Plupload (see further instructions on their project page

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