Pacquiao move faster against Rios

Manny Pacquiao wins the fight against Rios because of his quickness , focus ,persistence and the courage. The fight was dedicated to all the filipinos to give courage and hope. The fight lasted for 12 rounds giving pacman the victory fight. Rios was strong fighter but he already loose the fight when it comes to quicknest. Pacman shows this amazing agility to Rios giving him the headstart to mover further against Rios. Pacquiao landed more punches giving Rios to defend him self to cover his face on using his 2 cloves. But still the amazing amazing speed of Pacquiao giving damages against his 2 eyebrows connecting more more punches.

Pacquiao has a great defensive position because he learn from his previews looses again Marquez. Amazing Pacquiao still holds his postion as the best of the best fighter of all times.


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