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Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray is titled as miss universe year 2018

Philippines is one of the top countries of have many miss universe below are the list of countries.  Many mix race in the Philippines due to foreigner visiting the country and marry filipina. She is optimistic and positive thinker giving her the higher edge of winning as miss universe 2018. Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray is a Filipina-Australian television host, singer,…

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Why i need to pay for my website monthly due in Cebu Philippines

Bad website clients never has monthly budget on their website only pay for the domain and webhosting yearly. Then they pay late and complain about the website ranking. Yet the demands are so high. 1.)The questions is why my website is not in the google front page ? 2.) Why i don’t received daily calls to new clients ? 3.)…

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CCTV business is long term business in Cebu Philippines

Find the right the right partner in your business is best thing to do to achieve greatness. The smarter you know where to buy and how to sell the cycle of flow would be easy to achieve the cash flow. To build an operating system in the business is finding the right person and whom you can trust to do…

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35 Tips to remember maximizing search engine in google

Clients complain when the rank decline and the website is nowhere to be found. So how can we solve this problem situation. Here are the best tips to help you master search operators for SEO:  Thinking query search and picks out blog posts that are written by specific individuals Find indexation errors Find non‐secure pages (non‐https) Find duplicate content issues…

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Slogan for solar website in Cebu Philippines

Think of making a slogan for your website. This are the list which will enhance your website content slogan. Select and choose which slogan is suited for your website. You need a better slogan to get clients online without words it is hard to market online. Get started today! Alternative Energy: Not just for the tree hugging hippies anymore. Are…

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Architect needs a website simple and easy to navigate

The best way to get involved with website ideas is to innovate the application and make is simple and easy for the users to navigate the website. We may have ideas but without any action and goals everyday. Your ideas will just fade away the best way is to write your ideas even you have no mode in writing it…

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Why you need to regularly update your website for google search

We ask how google read our website content this answer is Google displays, three major issues come into play, according to Google: Freshness, relevancy and authoritativeness. Google’s crawlers scan pages more frequently if they change regularly.When you read more update news about google you will find more relevant information helping your website promote in a search query. Raters measure the authoritativeness, expertise…

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How to make a curve on the block in drupal7

The more you practice and explore more drills the better you can level-up your css also read more in css books or pdf files it will enhance your skills. You can also buy tutorials or free using youtube. Get the selector or the id of the block then add for example:  border-radius: 25px;   #block15 { border-radius: 25px; background: #73AD21; padding: 20px; width: 200px; height: 150px; }…

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