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How to improve your website traffic

This are the 3 ways to improve your website traffic. This are common practice to improve your website traffic. 1.)The important of search engine in your website can accelerate traffic your business website. This requires time to create your genuine content not just copy and paste mentality. Plenty of copy contents are created in the web but the google recognized if…

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Website marketing questions webdesign and seo

Think big about asking intelligently in your website marketing questions. This are the key examples yo need to ask to your clients. Below are the guideline questions that will help you improve your website dramatically. Need assistance sent as an email or call us. Is your website designed to attract customer as well as search engines? (For the Website design)…

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satellite gps system
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Japan advance satellite gps system

Japan advance technology launches a satellite gps system so they can get real time speed sequences to truck all the movement technology. This give them the power of information to control the system. What is a gps system it is a signal that used to compute exact position of the speed and time at any vehicles geographical location. The gps…

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Nokia 8 evolution movement using selfie social media

The nokia 8 movement try to get a market in the social media platform in video and photos. The nokia development and research want to get market the people who are hook in the behavioral habits of social media using photos and video. In this way by focusing the strength in social media the business market would be billions of…

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Comparison between MEAN and XAMPP

Let us discuss the major changes between the most popular stacks `MEAN` and `XAMPP`. If you do not have an idea about them let us discuss both of them. MEAN is an opinionated fullstack javascript framework –  which simplifies and accelerates web application development. >MEAN stands for : MongoDB: MongoDB is a cross-platform, document oriented database that provides, high performance,…

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10 ways how can my website be found in 1st page in google

First: You need to analyze the competition of the algorithmic query of other website competition. This means you need to get the core query of each content.   Question: How can i move faster ahead of other website content What query should i make to move ahead ? What title do i need to write that influence the reader ?…

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Ebay leverage your ecommerce business online.

Ebay can leverage your ecommerce business using your own brand name example that i just read in forbes is the website design simple and elegant website then redirect the website into ebay page this the owner to leverage the ebay traffic website. Aside from that the branded ebay is more trusted than the website This is perfect example…

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cloud access damage your files

The cloud access has given the advantages to speed us the network at anywhere. Also in the other hand it has also damage confidential files that are handled with the wrong people in the organization. Data integrity must be properly damage otherwise you might end up loosing confidential files such as docs , videos and images and several other files…

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