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Website core security

Secure your website with latest core security updates most specially for open sources platform. Most attacks by hackers are open sources because they can focus to study each line codes in the boxes. The more open sources the script the higher the ranking of exploit. Open sources means to the global public who are interested to use the scripts for…

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Free viber desktop

[YoutubeFancyZoom=v=NEqS5W-KfRw] ( Click here to watch video ) Viber has exploded to the mass media and to the rest of world where communication is free anywhere at anytime. The new viber desktop leverage your personal , professional and business powerful communication. Viber is free call , free photo share , free txt  & free live video streaming . Everybody can…

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Developing a CMS website

First thing is first in developing a functionality website called CMS ( Content Management System ). Large functionality website takes time to grow and develop both the front end and back-end. Front End is the physical colorful & theme design you see in your website. Back End is all the functionality scripts and customization to all the user rights and…

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a2hosting testimony

Hosting this website in A2hosting and i am strongly recommend everybody who plans to invest a  powerful , scalable and customer support satisfaction webhosting company. If your plan to invest a webhosting be smart to choose a2hosting for your drupal , wordpress , joomla &  prestoshop platfom. A2hosting is a partner of cloudflare which means it is more easy and…

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IPv6 global world

Google has adopt the trends in IPV6 giving the higher edge to transition to change the world of internet capacity. Google is influential to the global market when google make changes everybody makes the changes .The IPv4 is old and needs replacement into new version called the IPV6. Why change IPv4 into IPv6 ? The answer is IPv6 has a…

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How to setup my subdomain in cloudflare ?

Useful tutorials for the cloudflare subdomain config. Most first time using the cloudflare have trouble getting the right configuration. This will help you for the settings. To use cloudflare on a subdomain, a Cname record needs to be setup for the subdomain for cloudflare to work correctly. To do this, you can create a subdomain (lets call it You…

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Facebook error leaks 6million

Data leak has been the pipeline of brutal attacks of loss data assets. Facebook has loss creditability of trust  to the global end users. The amount of harvest data leak information was 6 million. This is huge amount of information the hackers will hunt down the end-users.  Few days from know or month another multiple complain of attacks will be…

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Google Checkout change into Google Wallet

Google the king and dominant platform in global services  has change the ecommerces name  google checkout into google wallet. The transition to the system will take gradually specially to the  end users. Learning the tools and educating to the loyal customers . Google wallet give best benefits for the people to buy and sell online fast and easy. Google Checkout…

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Chinese continue massive cyber attacks

China smart hackers are continue accessing  intellectual property in combat military technology . The duplication of information create a spark of conflict since technology can be innovated in a powerful transformation to defeat the original technology. Everybody are using computers with different ip identity but this can be trace out using advance skills in security guru. China are the smartest…

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Drupal is hacked reset your password

The King in open sources  Drupal is Hack by anonymous. The popularity of Drupal overwhelm to the hard core hackers. The password of the users are stolen the advised of headstartcms users must reset passwords on all other sites most specially similar passwords to and Common practice to users without security hazard is repeating same old password to…

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