Data leak has been the pipeline of brutal attacks of loss data assets. Facebook has loss creditability of trust  to the global end users. The amount of harvest data leak information was 6 million. This is huge amount of information the hackers will hunt down the end-users.  Few days from … Continue reading

China smart hackers are continue accessing  intellectual property in combat military technology . The duplication of information create a spark of conflict since technology can be innovated in a powerful transformation to defeat the original technology. Everybody are using computers with different ip identity but this can be trace out … Continue reading

China are manufacturing various technologies at a affordable price to the world. If a tiny dot chips  are embed secretly to the devices with a program to control ,  truck and access any embedded devices such as mobile , gadgets ,laptop , netbook ,  telecom  , security server , backup … Continue reading

The people who change the world give useful service online they become  millionaire and billionaire  because they are able to provide great impact to the world and integrate the web-system into universal language . Biggest social network knows that “Customer are your greatest asset” . Your website is an asset … Continue reading

A powerful sitemap is easy to read for all the viewer for the  search query directory. Without sitemap your website is disorganized & difficult to find the relevant information. It is a smart move to use easy vocabulary for all of your visitors. Creating a well structured categories sitemap from … Continue reading

Great news to the drupal community the biggest profile website, will be joining the King Drupal platform.  We call it King Drupal because big corporate companies are joining the community giving strongest advantages in all platform. has a  100 million unique visitors per month, to my research , … Continue reading

Copy and paste are common practice to increase your content in the website but your visibility also decrease in google search query  because google  advance search engine is too fast &  smart to detect the crawler robot of your content to detect new contents that are updated all around the … Continue reading