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Persistence to write in your website

Persistence to write in your website is very important specially your site increase the number of volume in traffic. Your writing is your marketing ads of information feeding to your readers if the readers love your writing they continue to read until the end if the content is poor they will just visit in the blink of the eyes. Every visitors has also their own language of understanding. Choosing the right vocabulary for the mass readers is must also be considered.
The more you write original new contents the better your ranking in google , bing and yahoo. Visitors love to read if the content is strong ang give benefits to them at no cost.
Recently this site ranking decline due to laziness to write because it is manage only with one person as a writer. Working as a team is very important to keep the persistence going. Two is better than one if one is lazy to write you have a backup writer  but if your site is only manage with one person it will collapse due to luck of daily persistances.

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