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During the gather in a family with my cousin Mike. He told me the website about the and most of the site a run buy wordpress todays generation easy and fast pace to develop.

The website i just viewed are made by customized programmer run by team programmers , webdesigner , graphics , writers , photographer and marketing for the functionality but most of the apps are create in wordpress or joomla.
The has a frontend of joomla and backend interface using vps or dedicated hosting.

Using a banner ads also generate passive income most specially if the website has a huge traffic daily giving you access to sell more online as the traffic increase.
The links are directed to for more information database access.
Using the mac apps store icon for the functionality also cost around $99 to 149 /year

The has a functionality of the wordpress but the /wp-admin is isolated into another secret directory name giving the security measurement which is good to protect from hacking. Any code hackers can do it if you give time to learn the platform.
Original writers are important to increase search engine ranking not copied contents.
Graphic designer is also added to the team to get a sexy taste of color and elegancy of beauty.

All this application can be done using the headstartcms apps running the system with website intelligences.
Sample Script;
{ Snip }

print “<form method=\”POST\” action=\”dashboard.php\”>\n”;

print “<div align=center><table width=’400px’><tr><th>\n”;
print “<p><div align=center>\n”;
print “<table width=’100%’>\n”;
print “<tr><td colspan=4><div align=left><b>Accords Platform User Login</b></div></th></tr>\n”;

print “<tr><td>Name</td>\n”;
print “<td><input type=text name=username size=64></td>\n”;
print “</tr>\n”;
print “<tr><td>Password</td>\n”;
print “<td><input type=password name=password size=64></td>\n”;
print “</tr>\n”;

print “<tr><td>&nbsp;<td><div align=left><input class=’action’ type=submit name=action value=’user login’></div>\n”;
print “<tr><td>&nbsp;<td><div align=left><input class=’action’ type=submit name=action value=’forgot password’></div>\n”;
print “<tr><td>&nbsp;<td><div align=left><input class=’action’ type=submit name=action value=’create account’></div>\n”;

print “</table></div>\n”;
print “</form>\n”;
print “</table></div>\n”;


The functionality of the site ;
-Gallery images
-Flash for the banner
-Social Media for the Search Engine Optimization
-Advance search
-User Interface for the registration
-Janrain login
-Facebook face.
-Twitter widgets
-News letter (weekly / monthly blasting email)
-Left slider (feedback & Support )

The site is updated into wordpress 3.8.1 today March 19 , 2014 which is the latest entry update of the wordpress version.

To find a good and quality website is to level-up your webdevelopment more than to be successful in creating intelligence website.



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