Search engine questions to my website ranking in Cebu Philippines

How do we know google can rank our website in the front page ?

Plenty of factors that will affect your website the relevant of your contents , the popularity of your contents , the number of clicks and back links entry. The number of social media sharing your contents. The structure of the the contents readability to other new visitors from different educational background. Also the freshness of your new contents.

Are you daily updating your website ? Or your website is only updated only every 6 month.

The more update your website the more new visitors visited. Is yoru website a wikapedia all the needed information are viewed and search easily.

Please think about it before your complain to your webdeveloper , webdesigner or content writer. Some issue is the daily , weekly , monthly and yearly budget.

If the issue is the webdeveloper then find the right person to hire your contents new entry.

Good luck in your daily website update.

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