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Selling drupal webdevelopment services

WordPress developer and webdesigner are pretending that they have the skills in drupal development . The fact is when investigate their main website they are using wordpress  platform. Remember that you cannot sell drupal services while in fact you are not using drupal by your self. As a good developer you must practice what you are selling to your clients.  Don’t try to sell drupal platform if you don’t know otherwise it will just backfire into failure.

WordPress is perfect for blogging and is known as best in blogging platform.

While King Drupal is perfect choices for customizing all details application functionality from front end and backend with multiple entry panels for user rights authorization access key which wordpress don’t have the ability for details customization.

Ironic example if the salesman is selling TOYOTA automobile in the indusrty but his driving  FORD automobile do you believed that this saleman is true to his words. The answer is no. Same as the wordpress developer who are not using drupal by them self.

Selling drupal webdevelopment services requires  both skills in software and hardware engineering. Drupal development requires time in development and testing specially if you are customizing several user rights that will be maintaining the website. Choosing a best webhosting is critical when the website has the ability to grow and increase in traffic capacity. High traffic leverage your website into passive income so choose vps or dedicated server for long term investment but if the budget is low then make sure you can switch your account into vps when the right time comes.

The best practice is to anticipate and choose webhosting that has a high end server engineering capacity. High end dedicated servers are expensive if the website doesn’t create  assets or money . The higher the traffic the higher hackers are searching for loopholes. Security needs to be maintain and update constantly. Drupal is very scalable to handle several layers in user rights both front end and back end. Drupal is perfect for multiple users accounts with different authority in managing the website.


Note :Drupal is perfect for multiple users accounts with different authority in managing the website.

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