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Similar website innovation

Visiting other website with similar business with you give you a change to innovate your website at the best performances. If you are the developer and webmaster you need to ask your self how can I innovate my website better than my competitor. When your website is increase in traffic and not generating sales lead. There is a problem in the graphics , contents marketing , promotion and so on. A little change make a big differences. Some website are very simple yet the website are making a fortune of cashflow. If the website is not making money it is a liability. The webdesigner , developer and other team are liability because the return of investment is none. A website with no profit will soon be close because business operation are expensive without a cash moving in the website.
I talk to my friend he told me this site is making a lot of money. When I visit the website it is simple , easy to understand. And with the power of social media the website it trust worthy.

Questions to think about ?
1.) Is your website trust worthy?
2.) Do visitors like your website and visit your website often?
3.) Are you making money on the changes you create on your website?

Similar website are great change to innovate and advances your thinking to a better services and better prices.

That is why we see other website doesn’t show the prices because other competition will lower the prices plus the add on marketing promotions.

To get thing started always check you web analytic for the stats and behavioral patter of your visitors. The more specific your web analysis the better you are moving in. Also be sure to continue to write in your website daily to get fresh information to your readers.
Thanks for all now! Thank you for reading once again. More power to your website intelligences . . . . .

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