Start writing and uploading new content on your website

Start writing and uploading new content on your website. Most of the site owner are waiting for traffic on their website without any taking effort in writing new information on their website daily.

The habit of watching and waiting won’t work until you start writing helpful information to the audience visiting your website.

The more your write fresh content the better you get higher margin to gain traffic. The moment you stop writing the slowly your website decline.

Stop monitoring the traffic for awhile focus on productivity of your website then second step you start to monitor and make some adjustment and tune-up your website to get higher margin list to your competition.

Tips to remember:

Again first step write first before you start monitoring the traffic of your website. Poor website never try to update the website information making it dead or decline. The more you push all fresh information to your website the better you get in the position. Content is always king in search engine.

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