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Starting your website in cms

Starting your website in cms application give you more search engine ranking rather than working alone to maintain your website. The more you  frequently you update your site the better query you move further in google ranking. The worse habit of creating a content is copy and paste without editing the content.  Give a back link if the content is just copy and paste. CMS website is most popular rather than have a static website.

Static website doesn’t give you any update at all. It is a worst part of creating a website because from time to time you will be needing to update your site.
Dynamic website give you full control to manage and publish your content without nothing to worry in programming it is just like a wordpad. But it is best to learn the basic html rather than without knowledge in maintaining your site.

When your website increase in traffic is it important to daily update the content  to improve your traffic. The more traffic the more you can generate revenue thru ads and sponsorship.

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