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Steps to stop spamming

Spamming comments , forums & copy paste article writers are a trouble in your website and plenty of website are on the dark spot without spam blocker. It is a waste of  time just to delete all the spamming. It is not your job just to spend your time deleting all the spam. So how can we block the spammer?

9 information tools which will help you:

First get the latest  tools and plugins of anti-spamming software.

Second get the spamming ip and write them in the block-list.

Third copy and paste all the blocklist of ip spamming.

Fourth report the spamming ip and email address to the spamming web directory

Five never reply to spam.

Six never use your primary email address in your contacts.

Seven use photo or picture in your email address attachments.

Eight create an email with security identity

example:[email protected]

; You can see on this email i was using  ( _  )and dot ( . ) to create a stop block email spammers.

Nine use modules or plugins such as recaptcha , puzzlecaptcha , imagecapchta before comments or contacts to block spammers



Never use your primary email address in your contacts. Flooding of spammers will follow next.




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