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The art of delegation by headstartcms

The art of delegation say that small task can be delegated if your find the right person to work in a task. This means he must have the knowledge that task that he needs to accomplish this can be done by training if no skills. Once that person is already skilled he must also train other person so that he can develop if your trusted person quit in a job suddenly. This is preperation in advancement.

Finding the right person at a right time is also very important in expanding your business. Start a small step first one at a time before you can finish bigger steps.

To expand your business is to learn the art of delegation. Make sure he world hard and smart for you in return you have to give enough compensation of the person so he continues to work with you. If you teach all the system then he will quit and make his own business but if you assemble the business systems then you expand your business to another level at a time.

When sudden situation of failure happend never think the painful experiences but learn from the experience to make your self strong. Your mind must think of winning and winning even you are at the moment of failture. Once the momentume is gone your inner drive will also be gone.

Again think to delegate other person and make a solid winning team.  I just rememeber on this book the one minute manager reminds me that ” every folks have different strokes”. This tells you that be flexible in handling person to person because every individuals has their own strokes of motivation.

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