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Using tableless drupal7

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  • style.css — The CSS file that sets the CSS rules for the template.
  • node.tpl.php — This file defines the content of the nodes.
  • block.tpl.php — Defines the content of the blocks.
  • comment.tpl.php — Defines the content of the comments.
  • logo.png — Your logo, if you are using one.


Find CSS layouts for making tableless Drupal themes are:

Open Source Web Design


Web Developer Toolbar to edit the CSS live on the page by going to CSS > Edit CSS.


Foot notes to remember

The footer message as defined in the admin settings.
HTML as generated by drupal_get_html_head().
The text to be displayed in the page title.
True(1) if the search box has been enabled.
Required for stylesheet switching to work. This prints out the style tags required.
HTML for displaying tabs at the top of the page.
Title, different from head_title, as this is just the node title most of the time.



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