Using the 960 grid

This is slideshow tutorials using the 960. Thousands of tools which css tools works for you ? By utilizing the push_XX and pull_XX classes, elements can be rearranged, independent of the order in which they appear in the markup. This allows you to keep more pertinent info higher in the HTML, without sacrificing precision in your page layout. For instance, view the source code of this page to see how the H1 tag has been re-positioned.

Sample Code:

// Edit to suit your needs.
  // Where is your CSS?
  path: 'assets/css/',

  // false = Only run once, when page first loads.
  // true = Change on window resize and page tilt.
  dynamic: true,

  // Optional callback... myCallback(i, width)
  callback: myCallback,

  // First range entry is the minimum.
  // Last range entry is the maximum.
  // Separate ranges by "to" keyword.
  range: [
    '0px    to 760px  = mobile.css',
    '760px  to 980px  = 720.css',
    '980px  to 1280px = 960.css',
    '1280px to 1600px = 1200.css',
    '1600px to 1920px = 1560.css',
    '1940px to 2540px = 1920.css',
    '2540px           = 2520.css'


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