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Great news to the drupal community the biggest profile website, will be joining the King Drupal platform.  We call it King Drupal because big corporate companies are joining the community giving strongest advantages in all platform. has a  100 million unique visitors per month, to my research , will be the heavy traffic Drupal site in existence, will be the highest traffic Drupal site in existence , validating the open source content management system’s powerful , scalable  and flexibility within the high-traffic website.

We all know that drupal has a strongest advantages in backend & frontend advance technology customization. Now, has to rethink and plan to change content management system strategies in delivery the content at the highest speed. One of the primary goals of the media organization is to get content out of the editor’s into a few seconds . Anything that slows will be a weak point for fast delivery content.

Drupal became the no. # 1 choice for its ease of use, flexibility, and speed in which it allowed users—even non-technically savvy ones—to publish new content.

King Drupal is the most powerful CMS backed by a highly skilled and motivated set of advance & master developers. It is a great fit for us from both a technological and cultural standpoint,” said Chris McClellen, Senior Vice President, Systems Engineering for The Weather Company.

The media organization will now have a platform it can grow with and will no longer need to worry about delivering timely content to its massive amount of followers. We are looking forward to the next part of the journey.


Over the last six months, Mediacurrent and Acquia have been shepherding’s on-ramping of Drupal via a proof-of-concept and discovery engagement.


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