Webform directory d7

Date Presents month, day, and year fields.
E-mail A special textfield that accepts e-mail addresses.
Fieldset Fieldsets allow you to organize multiple fields into groups.
File Allow users to upload files of configurable types.
Grid Allows creation of grid questions, denoted by radio buttons.
Hidden A field which is not visible to the user, but is recorded with the submission.
Markup Displays text as HTML in the form; does not render a field.
Number A numeric input field (either as textfield or select list).
Page break Organize forms into multiple pages.
Select options Allows creation of checkboxes, radio buttons, or select menus.
Textarea A large text area that allows for multiple lines of input.
Textfield Basic textfield type.
Time Presents the user with hour and minute fields. Optional am/pm fields.


links: https://www.drupal.org/node/1813922


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