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Optimizing your performance security by updating the latest version in the platform you are using example drupal , wordpress and joomla since this are the biggest community in opensources platforms.  Each platform version has a life span of security protection. The more you update your website into latest core version the better you are protected rather than just stuck on the old version which is weak since loopholes are always on shoutbox broadcast in search engine.

New version means new ways of innovations and securities for your website protection. The best practice is to backup your website thru export xml or in your own personal and business webhosting before updating into new version. Choose a webhosting that offers free backups at quality support when it comes to security management. One of the best hosting i recommend is a2hosting because i am using it and i am satisfied with the services they rendered. Take note that the more popular your web technologies you are using the more skilled hackers are looking for loopholes for new ways of  enter. This hackers are ninjas in coding and breaking the script codes. Also this loopholes are weak codes  that enable the hackers to leverage and by-pass-the entry protection of securities.

New versions does not give you  100% guarantee that all of your scripts works properly sometimes you have to be ready to face fustration when you make an updates. To perform well in your website you have to learn the different procedures in backup otherwise your gold information asset in your website will be gone away which you don’y want to happend. If you don’t know yet about backup you can improve your skills their are always plenty of rooms for improvement or go to 3rd party who are expert in backups with good reputation in social media. Other way is go in the forum communities for free advices.

Think smart and know the details in each version of your software. Get a2hosting or your webhosting trusted and speedup the version update without hassle.


Headstartcms also provide backup for your database entry depending  on the platform you are using since their are thousands of platform for the web.

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