Website domain was suspended in namecheap Website domain was suspended in namecheap
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Website domain was suspended in namecheap

When your domain is expired your domain is automatically suspended so you need to renew using your paypal , visa and mastercard. If your account was renewed but still suspended maybe your whois was auto renewal but you don’t have enough fund.

Lesson learned review your domain and whois  expiration date. IF  your are suspended pay the bill first before contact the support the support will never solve your problem unless you pay your duties. Business is business in domain registration. Always compute the addon fee and if you pay you also need to addon the fee into 2 peso if you are paying in Philippine peso . If the peso rate for 1 dollar is 48 peso addon 2 peso for the computation of your duty payment in the domain registration.

Namecheap are very strick in expiration date unlike the 1and1 they give you allowance between 15 to 30 days. I will not discuss this topic yet maybe in later tutorials.