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Website are all standardized into mobile friendly since information are moving so rapidly in global mobile accessibility. As mobile intelligences increase users from around the world will go mobile for fast information access since it is a touch of the finger tips of your hands. Open sources website technologies must adjust the position to adopt and convert mobile friendly from various devices because users are shouting for higher demand for mobile friendly in information age we called it the iworld generation.¬† If the open source website technology doesn’t adopt then it will decline in valued resources , community and decay since everybody ask for high demand in website mobile friendly.¬† Users say that i want mobile friendly because i just want to browse it in my mobile devices. If you are using type writer today you belong to the dinosaur old age. Everybody must adopt the trends in information age. Example of open sources technology who are in the best transition to adopt the mobile friendly is the Drupal8 moving innovation¬† into mobile friendly and mobile tv.


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